(Dull Tengwar Cymraeg (Welsh Tengwar mode
16 במרץ, 2008

Since Sindarin, one of Tolkien's constructed languages, is mainly based on Welsh, it seems only natural that a Welsh mode of writing will be devised for the central writing system of his Middle-earth, Tengwar. Moreover, although Tengwar was originally created, within the fictional world, in order to write Quenya, it fits Sindarin very well.

A Welsh Tengwar mode is already devised Simon Ager, but it seems to mix the Quenya and the classical Sindarin modes.

Due to the lack of a Welsh Tengwar mode that I find coherent, I've devised a new mode, which is based on the mode of Beleriand. It is stictly Sindarin-based (except for a 'workaround' I made in order to write [ʃ] and [(d)ʒ]) which seems much more logical to me since Welsh and Sindarin have similar phonology.
Download: TeX, PDF, PDF booklet.

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