mail2staticsite: turn a local maildir into a static website
he ‎2015·12·12‏

More than a year ago, I’ve built a website for the community garden by the Jerusalem Natural History Museum. Building is fun, but maintaining — that is manually converting each and every mail Amnon sends into a form Pelican can read, as well as saving the attachments and link them — is unimaginative and boring, and therefore… how shall I put it… I wasn’t very active with the updates (in fact I rather abandoned the website).

But wait a moment, Juda, isn’t that’s exactly what computers are meant for, doing tedious, unimaginative, boring tasks? They are, so that is what I wanted to do. After searching the web, the closest thing I could find was JekyllMail; it seems to work well for 88 people, but for me it has several disadvantages:

Therefore, I wrote a small tool, named mail2staticsite1, which does a very simple task:

Right now it works fine for the community garden2, but there is a lot to be done. If you want to join in and improve the code, you are welcome ☺

  1. It is an opportunity to announce I’ve moved from GitHub to GitLab, because I think we should eat our own dog food, meaning: the current situation where many FOSS projects use proprietary closed-source software for their version control is absurd. 

  2. Except when attachments have their name in Hebrew. I think the problem is due to Gmail’s treatment of Unicode filenames. I hope I’ll fix this soon.