Stop Homophobia in Russia

Last week I went to the Jerusalem Pride Parade.* My 5 years old daughter Ilil really wanted to come as well, but one of her friends had a birthday party (she said she prefers to go to the party… because of the cake ☺). So after the parade I offered her to look at photos taken there. One of them was this:

stop homophobia in Russia!

She asked what's written there, so I told her in a way appropriate to her age about the situation in Russia, and that the sign says this must be stopped. She said it is a very important sign, and copied it because of it (this is the first time she writes in a Latin alphabet):

stop homophobia in Russia!

I told her I can post a photo of her sign on the Internet, so it will gladden the oppressed people in Russia. She added many hearts to make them happy, as well as blowing winds (these are the lines), a flower and a rainbow. I truly hope this innocent gesture will give those in Russia who suffer from prosecution hope for better days!

If you want, you can write her an email (in any language; I'll translate it to Hebrew for her): ilil@THISDOMAIN.

Ilil smiling with her newly made sign

This Saturday I'll go to a demonstration which will be held in front of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv. I made this sign (PDF / TeX), but I'll ask Ilil whether I can take her one as well (I think it is much better…).

Internacia solidareco — Internacia Bojkoto

It says, in the international language Esperanto: International solidarity — International Boycott

Свобода! Равенство! Солидарность! Любовь!

It says, in Russian: Liberty! Equality! Solidarity! Love!

(Footnote:) * The pride parade was great, apart from some stink bombs and a speech by the Minister of Health Jael German of the rampant capitalist and racist party Ješ Atid, which was appropriately welcomed by loud booing…

And now for something completely different: Nataša Cymbalova's moving speech (in Hebrew).

Media (2013/8/11)